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CHIN1152E - Introductory Chinese II

Build on your basic understanding of the Pinyin tonal system and tonal changes to express possession, ask questions, write basic Chinese characters and use adverbs correctly. Use numbers to express dates and time and to read, write, pronounce and understand adverbs and prepositional phrases...
Code: CHIN1152E

CHIN2210E - Intermediate Chinese I

Build on your abilities by participating in conversations in Chinese. Learn approximately 150 additional vocabulary items, apply your existing vocabulary in reading, writing and conversation and read simple texts using Chinese characters. Further your knowledge of how Chinese characters are...
Code: CHIN2210E

CHIN2211E - Intermediate Chinese II

Hone your conversational and writing skills by using simple sentences in the past, present and future tenses so that native speakers can understand you. Reduce pause time in speaking and learn approximately 200 additional vocabulary items as well as more complex sentences structures. Read longer...
Code: CHIN2211E

CHIN2212E - Intermediate Chinese III

In this high-intermediate level course, participants read selections from modern Chinese literature--essays, short stories and newspaper articles. Conversation and writing exercises, using Chinese characters, are based upon reading materials. Grammar include adverbs; particles; the "a" structure...
Code: CHIN2212E

CHIN9250E - Advanced Chinese I

The country and people of China come alive through conversation, newspapers and magazines, video clips from contemporary Chinese television programs, newspapers, writing assignments, and oral presentations. Complex grammar topics are addressed in readings and discussions.
Code: CHIN9250E

CHIN1151E - Introductory Chinese I

Learn the Chinese system of pronunciation using the Romanized, Pinyin lettering system to produce and hear the Chinese tones and tonal changes along with spelling rules. Read, write, understand and pronounce approximately 150 vocabulary items, introduce yourself, ask for information and yes/no...
Code: CHIN1151E

CHIN1153E - Introductory Chinese III

While emphasizing reading and writing, you review pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in context. Continue to develop both listening and reading comprehension skills as you produce written exercises.Additional Information: View the Term course schedule. You may purchase textbook(s) through the...
Code: CHIN1153E

CHIN9251E - Advanced Chinese II

Focusing on topics of contemporary importance in today’s in China, students in this advanced class develop their abilities to express themselves using complex syntax and grammar in written assignments and oral presentations. Conducted entirely in Chinese, the class addresses Chinese society in order...
Code: CHIN9251E

CHIN9252E - Advanced Chinese III

While emphasizing reading and writing, you review pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in context. Continue to develop both listening and reading comprehension skills as you produce written exercises.
Code: CHIN9252E

COMP7050E - Java Programming Language: Introduction

Receive a solid foundation in the Java Programming Language. This course is intended for participants with little or no programming experience. Learn the significance of object-oriented programming, the keywords and constructs of the Java programming language, and the steps required to create...
Code: COMP7050E

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