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The Effective Grants Manager

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Course overview

This capstone course explores the next steps towards increasing economy, efficiency and effectiveness of grants and grant-funded programs. Explore current issues and events in grants management along with how to prepare for a grants audit. Work a comprehensive case study in a simulated team environment to apply all the principles covered in the grants management curriculum.This course is part of the Certificateof Accomplishment in Grants Management.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with administration of grants or grant-funded programs. Participants should be familiar with grants management skills as taught in Introduction to Grants Management (PGMT7101D) and Grants Performance Management (PGMT8101D).

Learning outcomes

  • Identify current issues and trends in grants management
  • Assess and address the ten most common audit findings in grant programs
  • Identify new and unique options for dealing with special challenges in grants such as volunteer recruitment/training/retention, advertising of services, communication between the "number-crunchers" and the program/performance managers and much more

Course outline

Day 1
Lesson 1 - Programmatic Grants Cycle

  • Phases of the cycle
    • Best practices for each phase
    • Common problems for each phase

Day 2
Lesson 2 - A-133 and the Compliance Supplement

  • Becoming audit-ready
  • Guidance provided to the auditors = expectations for grants managers
  • Most common audit findings in grants
  • Predictions, preparation, performance
  • Areas of focus within A-133 and compliance supplement
    • Internal controls
    • Monitoring

Day 3
Final case evaluation

  • Assessing internal controls
  • Assessing monitoring
  • Evaluating each step in the programmatic grants cycle
  • Identifying risks and areas for improvement
  • Documenting the evaluation
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