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Grants Performance Management

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Course overview

Focus on the unique performance management and measurement issues for grants and grant-funded programs. Enhance your awareness of performance issues relating to both achievement of program goals and effective and efficient management of program resources. Learn to apply a step-by-step, hands-on process on how to develop and use a formalized monitoring function for grants within your agency. Identify monitoring issues and tools applicable for both grantors and grantees, including elements for self-monitoring as well as monitoring of grantees and sub-grantees.
This course is part of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Grants Management.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with administration of grants or grant-funded programs. Participants should be familiar with grants management skills as taught in Introduction to Grants Management (PGMT7101D).

Learning outcomes

  • Establish realistic performance targets
  • Provide performance data in support of performance reports that is clear, concise and accurate
  • Define and prioritize key monitoring processes and procedures
  • Establish a formal monitoring plan for your agency and more

Course outline

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Day 1:
Lesson 1 - Performance Management

  • Managing and Improving Performance in Government Programs
    • History of performance management in government programs
    • GPRA, PART, and PIC
    • Current events in performance improvement in government programs
  • Basics of Performance Management and Measurement
    • Performance measurement
      • Data selection
      • Data collection
      • Data analysis
Day 2:
  • Performance evaluation
    • Outputs vs outcomes
    • Short-term vs long-term outcomes
  • Performance management
  • Strategic planning and reporting
    • Integrating program performance with agency high-priority goals
    • On-line reporting requirements
  • Practice performance measurement and evaluation

Lesson 2 - Assessing Risk

  • Overview of Risk
  • mpact and Probability
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Prioritizing and Applying Risk Assessment for Monitoring
Day 3:
Lesson 3 - Monitoring
  • Internal versus External
  • Monitoring Systems
    • Evaluating your monitoring system
  • Monitoring Tools and Activities
    • On-going, desk-review, site visit
    • Checklists
  • Documenting Monitoring Efforts and Results
  • Corrective Actions and Follow-up
Day 4:
Case Study
  • Re-Introduce case study and work through a series of team exercises to identify:
    • Effective versus in-effective performance measures
    • Data selection and collection opportunities and challenges
    • Risks and mitigation strategies
    • Monitoring techniques that could or should have been applied (including assessment of cost/benefit)
    • How to plan to prevent the issues that arose in the case study

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