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Change Management for Leaders: Preparing for an Unknown Future

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Course overview

This one-day workshop prepares managers or supervisors for changes that they and their employees may be facing in the workplace. Participants will explore reactions to change and the stages of change that can be experienced. The focus will be on how to coach employees to successfully weather change. This includes a discussion of the six steps to prepare for change as well as other actions that can be taken. Participants will leave this course prepared to help themselves and their employees experience, accept and thrive in a changing environment.

Who should attend?

Managers or supervisors

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the natural reactions to change
  • Coach employees through the stages of change
  • Develop tools for preparing employees reaction to change
  • Empower others to utilize their own strengths to change management
  • Utilize the six steps to prepare employees for change
  • Strength your relationship with those employees you supervise

Course outline

Day one of one


  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Natural Reactions to Change
  • Roots of Resistance
  • Five Stages of Change
  • Coaching Your Employees Through Change Overview


  • Coaching Employees Through Change
    • Communicate Early and Often
    • Listen and Empathize
    • Introduce the Six Steps to Prepare for Change
      • Step 1: Consider Past Change Experiences
      • Step 2: Understand the Why Behind Change
      • Step 3: Consider the Implications
      • Step 4: Use Your Strengths
      • Step 5: Learn from Others
      • Step 6: Focus on Your Mindset
    • Model What You Need
    • Stay Positive
  • Looking Forward
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