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Change Management: Preparing for an Unknown Future

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Course overview

This one-day workshop prepares employees for changes that they may be facing in the workplace. Participants will explore reactions to change and the stages of change that may be experienced. Exercises will allow participants to consider past and future change experiences and to practice applying the six steps to prepare for change. Participants will leave this course prepared to experience, accept and thrive in a changing environment.

Who should attend?

Individuals who want to enhance their understanding and ability to prepare for and adapt to change.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognize the natural reactions to change
  • Understand the stages of change
  • Develop tools for preparing for your own reaction to change
  • Apply your own strengths to change management
  • Utilize your own and others' change experiences to improve future occurrences
  • Utilize the six steps to prepare for change going forward

Course outline

Day one of one


  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Natural Reactions to Change
  • The Stages of Change
  • Self Knowledge for Change: Strengths
  • Past Experiences with Change
  • Introduction to the Six Steps to Prepare for Change


  • Six Steps to Prepare for Change
    • Step 1: Consider Past Change Experiences
    • Step 2: Understand the Why Behind Change
    • Step 3: Consider the Implications
    • Step 4: Use Your Strengths
    • Step 5: Learn from Others
    • Step 6: Focus on Your Mindset
  • Open Discussion of Upcoming Changes
  • Job Aids for Future Change
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