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Leadership and Management

Graduate School USA offers leadership and management courses in the four functional areas that reflect leadership roles in organizations: individual performers, supervisors, managers and executives.

Many of our courses and programs are suitable for individuals at various levels. By providing practices, knowledge, principles, and skills that integrate a range of approaches, these courses and programs help both individuals and organizations to achieve a higher level of performance. Among the curriculum offerings are leadership seminars, competency-based learning applications, and a wide variety of programs that assist a spectrum of learners, from those who wish to enhance their career development to those managers who wish to prepare for the SES.

Our Certificates of Accomplishment in Leadership, Supervision, and Management provide the education and foundation to develop individuals who are critical to the successful operation of the public sector.

Our Courses

The Leadership and Management curriculum also includes long-term development programs delivered through our Center for Leadership and Management, in which experimental learning takes place through a number of methods. These programs utilize a variety of assessment tools to help participants enhance their leadership competencies. Regardless of their positions in an organization, individuals can benefit from the use of assessment tools: the Leadership Effectiveness Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and FIRO-B Courses. These courses can be customized and brought on-site to meet the unique and diverse needs of your organization.

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Senior Level Courses

Senior Leadership Seminars

Long-Term Development