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Certificate of Accomplishment in Landscape Design

The certificate of accomplishment program in Landscape Design rovides participants with a fundamental understanding of, and skills in, gardening, horticulture and landscaping.

You may apply for this program online. For more information about this or other certificates, please contact the certificate advisor at (202) 314-3314 or certificates@graduateschool.edu.

Special accommodations may be requested online by requesting ADA Accommodations. All requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the class start date to be fulfilled.

Required Courses:

Course Title Course Code Units Tuition Term
Basic Studies (complete 1 course):
Principles of Horticulture HORT1160E 2 Credits $ 385.00 Wi/Sp/Fa
Identification Courses (complete 4 courses):
Landscape Plants of Fall HORT8231E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Fa
Landscape Plants of Winter HORT8232E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Wi
Landscape Plants of Spring HORT8233E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Sp
Landscape Plants of Summer HORT8234E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Su
Design Courses (complete 4 courses):
Principles of Landscape Design I HORT7102E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Wi/Fa
Principles of Landscape Design II HORT8202E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Sp
Landscape Construction I HORT7119E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Su
Landscaping with Plants for the Professional and Home Gardener HORT7140E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Sp/Fa
Enrichment Courses (complete 3 courses):
Propagating Perennials and Woody Plants HORT8210E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Fa
Perennials for Spring HORT8236E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Sp
Perennials for Summer HORT8237E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Su
Perennials for Fall HORT8238E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Fa
The Living Soil NATH1175E 2 Credits $ 365.00 Sp
Organic Landscaping HORT7190E 3 CEU $ 385.00 Fa