Evening Programs Annual Courses by Term

Evening Programs Annual Courses by Term

Number of courses: 291

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ACCT1099E Introduction to Accounting   Winter Spring  
ACCT1110E Financial Accounting for Business Students Fall Winter    
ANTH7112E Culture and Philosophy in China Fall Winter    
ARAB1151E Introductory Arabic I Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARAB1152E Introductory Arabic II Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARAB1153E Introductory Arabic III Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARAB1154E Introductory Arabic IV     Spring  
ARAB2210E Intermediate Arabic I Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARAB2211E Intermediate Arabic II Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARAB2212E Intermediate Arabic III Fall   Spring  
ARAB6900E Expert Arabic I Fall      
ARAB6901E Expert Arabic II Fall Winter   Summer
ARAB6902E Expert Arabic III Fall      
ARAB9250E Advanced Arabic I       Summer
ARAB9251E Advanced Arabic II Fall      
ARAB9252E Advanced Arabic III Fall Winter    
ARTS7001E Art Appreciation Fall   Spring  
CHIN1151E Introductory Chinese I Fall Winter Spring Summer
CHIN1152E Introductory Chinese II Fall Winter Spring Summer
CHIN1153E Introductory Chinese III Fall Winter Spring Summer
CHIN2210E Intermediate Chinese I Fall Winter Spring Summer
CHIN2211E Intermediate Chinese II Fall Winter Spring  
CHIN2212E Intermediate Chinese III   Winter Spring Summer
CHIN6900E Expert Chinese I Fall Winter    
CHIN6901E Expert Chinese II   Winter    
CHIN6902E Expert Chinese III       Summer
CHIN7000E Chinese Culture through Film   Winter    
CHIN9250E Advanced Chinese I Fall   Spring  
CHIN9251E Advanced Chinese II Fall Winter Spring  
CHIN9252E Advanced Chinese III   Winter Spring Summer
COMP1120E Introduction to Information Systems Fall Winter Spring Summer
COMP7001E Adobe Photoshop: Introduction Fall Winter   Summer
COMP7002E Adobe InDesign: Introduction Fall Winter Spring  
COMP7006E Adobe Acrobat: Introduction Fall      
COMP7015E Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Fall Winter Spring Summer
COMP7050E Java Programming Language: Introduction     Spring Summer
COMP7120E SQL (Oracle 11G) Introduction       Summer
COMP7247E Adobe Dreamweaver: Introduction       Summer
COMP7248E Adobe Flash: Introduction Fall      
COMP7950E Cyber Security Foundations Fall      
COMP7955E Introduction to Information Assurance Fall      
COMP8002E Adobe Photoshop: Intermediate Fall Winter    
COMP8003E Adobe InDesign: Intermediate Fall Winter Spring  
COMP8004E Adobe Acrobat: Intermediate Fall      
COMP8199E HTML, XHTML, and CSS Fundamentals Fall Winter Spring Summer
COMP8211E A+ ┬«Certification: 2009 Objectives       Summer
COMP8308E Information Architecture (The User Experience) Fall   Spring  
COMP8404E Microsoft Excel: Intermediate     Spring  
COMP9247E Adobe Dreamweaver: Advanced       Summer
COMP9248E Adobe Flash: Advanced     Spring  
CZEC7110E Introduction to Czech I Fall Winter Spring  
CZEC7111E Introductory Czech II   Winter   Summer
ECON1310E Principles of Economics I: Macroeconomics Fall Winter Spring Summer
ECON1311E Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics Fall Winter Spring Summer
ECON2203E Economics of Corporate Finance   Winter    
ECON2215E Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Fall   Spring  
ECON2500E Understanding Economic Indicators: Main Street vs. Wall Street       Summer
ECON5500E International Trade Policy Fall   Spring  
ECON5545E Econometrics I Fall Winter Spring  
ECON5546E Econometrics II   Winter Spring Summer
ECON7126E European Economics Fall   Spring  
ECON8012E Comparative Economics   Winter   Summer
EDIT7150E Principles of Editing for Publication Fall   Spring  
EDIT7170E Proofreading   Winter   Summer
EDIT7270E Printing, Layout and Design   Winter   Summer
EDIT7320E Practice in Editing Fall   Spring  
ENGL7120E Communication   Winter   Summer
ENVS8179E Environmental Ethics     Spring  
ENVS8316E Environmental Policy: Air     Spring  
ENVS8317E Environmental Policy and Politics       Summer
ENVS8318E Environmental Policy: Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials Fall      
ENVS8319E Environmental Policy: Pesticides and Toxic Substances   Winter    
ENVS8321E International Environmental Law   Winter    
ENVS8435E NEPA: Policy, Procedure and Science/Art Fall   Spring  
ENVS9315E Environmental Policy: Water Pollution       Summer
FARS7151E Introductory Farsi I Fall Winter Spring Summer
FARS7154E Introductory Farsi II Fall Winter    
FARS7155E Introductory Farsi III   Winter    
FARS7157E Introductory Farsi IV   Winter    
FARS8001E Intermediate Persian Farsi Fall      
FINC5510E Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements     Spring  
FREN1151E Introductory French I Fall Winter Spring Summer
FREN1152E Introductory French II Fall Winter Spring Summer
FREN1153E Introductory French III Fall Winter Spring Summer
FREN1154E Introductory French IV   Winter    
FREN2210E Intermediate French I Fall Winter   Summer
FREN2211E Intermediate French II   Winter Spring  
FREN2212E Intermediate French III     Spring Summer
FREN6900E Expert French I Fall Winter    
FREN6902E Expert French III       Summer
FREN7110E Conversational French I Fall Winter    
FREN7111E Conversational French II   Winter   Summer
FREN7161E French Review Level I Fall Winter   Summer
FREN7162E French Review Level II     Spring  
FREN9250E Advanced French I Fall Winter    
FREN9251E Advanced French II   Winter    
FREN9252E Advanced French III     Spring  
FREN9253E Special Topics in French   Winter    
GART7703E Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Windows     Spring  
GART8201E Understanding the Design Process Fall   Spring  
GART8203E Fundamentals of Desktop and Electronic Publishing Fall   Spring  
GART8225E Design and Typography   Winter   Summer
GART8303E Creative Thinking and Design Fall   Spring  
GART8341E Computer Graphics Applications Fall   Spring Summer
GART8400E Developing a Portfolio (Capstone) Fall Winter Spring Summer
GERM1151E Introductory German I Fall Winter Spring Summer
GERM1152E Introductory German II Fall Winter Spring Summer
GERM1153E Introductory German III Fall Winter Spring Summer
GERM2210E Intermediate German I Fall      
GERM2211E Intermediate German II   Winter    
GERM6900E Expert German I Fall Winter    
GERM6901E Expert German II   Winter    
GERM6902E Expert German III       Summer
GERM9250E Advanced German I Fall     Summer
GERM9251E Advanced German II Fall Winter    
HIND7110E Introductory Hindi I Fall Winter Spring Summer
HIND7111E Introductory Hindi II Fall Winter   Summer
HIST7010E History and Creation of the Modern Middle East   Winter   Summer
HIST7105E Russian History from the Beginning of the 20th Century   Winter    
HORT1160E Principles of Horticulture Fall Winter Spring  
HORT7102E Principles of Landscape Design I Fall Winter    
HORT7119E Landscape Construction I   Winter   Summer
HORT7140E Landscaping with Plants for the Professional and Home Gardener Fall   Spring  
HORT7190E Organic Landscaping     Spring Summer
HORT8202E Principles of Landscape Design II   Winter Spring  
HORT8210E Propagating Perennials and Woody Plants Fall     Summer
HORT8231E Landscape Plants of Fall Fall      
HORT8232E Landscape Plants of Winter   Winter    
HORT8233E Landscape Plants of Spring     Spring  
HORT8234E Landscape Plants of Summer       Summer
HORT8236E Perennials for Spring     Spring  
HORT8237E Perennials for Summer       Summer
HORT8238E Perennials for Fall Fall      
JAPN7009E Introductory Japanese I Fall Winter Spring Summer
JAPN7111E Introductory Japanese II   Winter   Summer
JAPN7112E Introduction to Japanese III       Summer
JAPN8210E Intermediate Japanese I Fall      
LAWS1155E Criminal Law   Winter    
LAWS1160E Family Law Fall     Summer
LAWS1180E Bankruptcy Law Fall Winter   Summer
LAWS1310E Introduction to Law for Paralegals Fall Winter Spring Summer
LAWS1315E Legal Ethics/Law Office Systems     Spring  
LAWS1322E Business Law I Fall   Spring  
LAWS1345E Environmental Law Fall     Summer
LAWS2250E Real Estate Transactions Fall     Summer
LAWS2252E Immigration Law I Fall   Spring  
LAWS2256E Legal Writing Fall Winter   Summer
LAWS2325E Business Law II Fall Winter   Summer
LAWS2426E Innovation, Technology and the Law Fall      
LAWS3315E Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Fall   Spring  
LAWS3330E Administrative Law and Procedure Fall   Spring  
LAWS5551E Legal Research I Fall Winter Spring Summer
LAWS5552E Legal Research II Fall Winter Spring Summer
LLBS4400E Introduction to Legal Analysis and Reasoning       Summer
MATH1128E Basic Technical Mathematics Fall Winter    
MATH1700E Pre-Calculus       Summer
MATH2203E Business Mathematics Fall   Spring  
MATH2210E Calculus I Fall Winter Spring Summer
MATH2211E Calculus II Fall Winter Spring Summer
MATH2212E Calculus III Fall Winter Spring Summer
MATH4475E Mathematics for Economists I Fall Winter Spring  
MATH4476E Mathematics for Economists II     Spring Summer
MATH4575E Linear Algebra I Fall Winter Spring  
MATH5001E Real Analysis I Fall Winter   Summer
MATH7007E Differential Equation Fall      
MGMT1108E Administrative Procedure Fall   Spring  
MGMT1109E Administrative Office Management   Winter   Summer
MGMT1120E Project Management Fall Winter Spring  
MGMT2223E Establishing and Operating a Small Business Fall      
NATH1110E Biology for Naturalists     Spring  
NATH1125E Geology   Winter    
NATH1125E Geology   Winter    
NATH1151E Animal Behavior   Winter    
NATH1160E Introduction to Ecology Fall Winter    
NATH1175E The Living Soil Fall   Spring  
NATH7115E Bird Life Fall      
NATH7116E Summer Bird Life       Summer
NATH7118E Introduction to Ornithology     Spring  
NATH7130E Insect Life       Summer
NATH7145E Fall Woody Plant Identification Fall      
NATH7146E Winter Woody Plant Identification   Winter    
NATH7146E Winter Woody Plant Identification   Winter    
NATH7148E Ferns and Lyhcophytes       Summer
NATH7149E Summer Wildflower Identification       Summer
NATH7150E Rock Identification   Winter    
NATH7155E Birds of Prey Fall      
NATH7163E Winter Bird Life   Winter    
NATH7165E Owls   Winter    
NATH7167E Birds of North America   Winter    
NATH7195E Birds of the World Fall      
NATH7203E Introduction to Fungi       Summer
NATH7301E Biodiversity     Spring  
NATH8100E Night Sky for Naturalists Fall      
NATH8201E Understanding Evolution       Summer
NATH8207E Freshwater Ecosystems     Spring  
NATH8211E Wetland Ecosystems       Summer
NATH8215E Eastern Forest Ecosystems Fall      
NATH8216E Chesapeake Bay Ecosystems Fall      
NATH8225E Introduction to Grasses Identification       Summer
NATH8248E American Nature Literature   Winter    
NATH8250E Conservation Philosophy   Winter    
NATH8255E Land-Use Principles   Winter    
NATH8275E Butterflies and Their Conservation       Summer
NATH8276E Reptiles and Amphibians     Spring  
NATH8280E Human Ecology   Winter    
NATH8290E Mammals   Winter    
NATH8310E General Oceanography     Spring  
NATH8319E Non-Native Invasive Plants of the Mid-Atlantic       Summer
PERS1130E Federal Human Resources Management Fall   Spring  
PERS2220E Employee Relations   Winter Spring  
PERS2225E EEO, Affirmative Action and Diversity Fall   Spring  
PERS2230E Human Resources Recruiting Principles and Practices   Winter    
PERS2250E Staffing and Placement   Winter Spring  
PERS4499E Developmental Internship (Supervised Application) Fall Winter Spring Summer
PHOS7075E Introduction to Digital Photography Fall Winter Spring Summer
PORT7110E Introductory Portuguese I Fall Winter Spring Summer
PORT7111E Introductory Portuguese II Fall Winter   Summer
PORT7112E Introductory Portuguese III Fall Winter Spring Summer
PORT8210E Intermediate Portuguese I     Spring Summer
PORT8211E Intermediate Portuguese II Fall Winter    
PORT8212E Intermediate Portuguese III   Winter    
PROJ8100E PMP┬« Exam Preparation Fall Winter Spring  
PUAP7200E US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Fall   Spring  
PUAP7201E Chinese Politics   Winter   Summer
PUAP7202E U.S. - China Relations   Winter    
PUAP7204E Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe   Winter Spring  
PUAP7205E Government and Politics in Latin America Fall Winter   Summer
PUAP7206E U.S. - Russian Relations Post Communism Fall      
PUAP7207E Western Europe Politics   Winter   Summer
PUAP7210E Middle East Politics Fall Winter   Summer
PUAP8225E Understanding Congress Fall   Spring  
PUAP8230E Legislative Drafting: Translating Ideas into Bills and Amendments   Winter    
PUAP8281E Sustainable Development Fall Winter    
PUAP8307E The Congressional Budget Process   Winter   Summer
PUAP8315E Contemporary Terrorism and Counterterrorism Fall Winter    
PUAP9011E International Politics Fall   Spring  
RUSS1151E Introductory Russian I Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS1152E Introductory Russian II Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS1153E Introductory Russian III Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS2210E Intermediate Russian I Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS2211E Intermediate Russian II Fall Winter Spring  
RUSS2212E Intermediate Russian III Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS6900E Expert Russian I Fall Winter    
RUSS6901E Expert Russian II   Winter    
RUSS9412E Advanced Russian I Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS9413E Advanced Russian II Fall Winter Spring Summer
RUSS9414E Advanced Russian III Fall Winter Spring Summer
SIGN7000E American Sign Language (ASL) for Family & Friends: Introduction Fall Winter Spring Summer
SIGN8000E American Sign Language (ASL) for Family & Friends: Intermediate   Winter    
SPAN1151E Introductory Spanish I Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN1152E Introductory Spanish II Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN1153E Introductory Spanish III Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN1154E Introductory Spanish IV Fall   Spring Summer
SPAN2210E Intermediate Spanish I Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN2211E Intermediate Spanish II Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN2212E Intermediate Spanish III Fall Winter   Summer
SPAN6900E Expert Spanish I Fall      
SPAN6901E Expert Spanish II   Winter    
SPAN7110E Conversational Spanish I Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN7111E Conversational Spanish II Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN7112E Conversational Spanish III Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN7114E Conversational Spanish IV Fall   Spring Summer
SPAN7161E Spanish Review Level I Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN7162E Spanish Review Level II Fall Winter Spring Summer
SPAN7163E Spanish Review Level III Fall     Summer
SPAN7200E Spanish for Health Care Personnel I       Summer
SPAN9250E Advanced Spanish I Fall Winter    
SPAN9251E Advanced Spanish II     Spring  
SPCH7151E Public Speaking Fall Winter Spring  
STAT1101E Introductory Statistics I Fall Winter Spring Summer
STAT1102E Introductory Statistics II Fall Winter Spring Summer
TESP7000E Fundamentals of Training I Fall      
TESP7707E Math Review for Standardized Tests   Winter   Summer
TRAN7100E Interpreting I Fall Winter    
TRAN7101E Interpreting II   Winter    
TRAN7102E Interpreting III       Summer
TURK7110E Introductory Turkish I Fall Winter Spring Summer
TURK7111E Introductory Turkish II Fall Winter Spring Summer
TURK8210E Intermediate Turkish I   Winter    
URDU7151E Introductory Urdu I Fall Winter Spring Summer
URDU7152E Introductory Urdu II Fall Winter   Summer
URDU7153E Introductory Urdu III Fall Winter Spring Summer
WRIT7070E Essential Writing   Winter Spring  
WRIT7105E Writing for Public Relations and Marketing Fall   Spring  
WRIT7115E Memoir and Journal Writing   Winter   Summer
WRIT7120E Writing Plain Language for the Government   Winter Spring  
WRIT7210E Practical Writing I Fall Winter   Summer
WRIT7219E Creative Nonfiction   Winter    
WRIT7225E Effective Business Writing   Winter   Summer
WRIT7320E Travel Writing     Spring  
WRIT8305E Technical Writing Fall   Spring  

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